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Happy early Mother's Day!

Apologies, but I'm probably going to fall off the map until next week. Kelly wants to go to the Shepherd's Harvest Sheep & Wool Festival for Mother's Day. Yeah, I know. But it's what she specifically asked for. And the upside is that she'll get to see her own mother for the holiday. I have no interest in knitting. Or yarn. Or learning to spin fiber. At least there will be sheep though. Some rabbits. Some working dogs. Not a horrible way to spend a Saturday. It's better than having a wife who wants me to watch her try on clothes at the mall.

So the result is that it will be a short week this week to prepare. Packing and errands and things that need to happen to get a dog, 2 kids, and 2 parents inside a Subaru for a 7 hour car trip to Minnesota. I actually love Twin Cities and it will be nice to visit without illness or a marathon hanging over our heads. Well, really my head.

Don't get me wrong, there are some questions. Like where our toddler will sleep. He didn't like the pack and play last time anyway. This time, the baby will be in it. Leaving, we think/hope, him and me in a real bed probably doing the toddler-foot-in-dad-face dance. That's fine. We've purposefully left our return open depending on how 3 nights of travel go. We've also got a trip planned for the zoo or the children's museum. Possibly an extra activity on Sunday if we choose to stay. It should be fun. It's a pleasant drive once you leave IL, at least.

It's going to be hard to top this weekend though.

We flipped our dining room into a playroom for the kids...and a quasi-nursery for Leda. It still needs paint and a new light I don't hit my head on, change of rugs, but the toys are all in there, we have huge open floorspace now, and she's napping in there as I write this.

Yes, we were mostly eating on the floor anyway and our dining room table was really for computers and junk. So it's now in storage along with the chairs. This seems to be a strange sticking point having to explain our living room eating habit despite the presence of a dining room. We also used to use the chaise part of our couch as a changing station for Leda. It works for us.

Yesterday was an early morning 6 miles followed by a playdate for the kids at the zoo. Then I went to see a a friend of mine play a show on the northside.

Hard to top, but the summer is just heating up. These couple weekends are the reason I quit working. It's nice to have the freedom to go where we want and do the activities we want.