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Sometime overnight the little clicker turned to mark our 5000th reader. There are towns smaller than that. Heck, my college was smaller than that. So I just wanted to say thanks.

Kelly and I talked a lot on our trip to Minnesota about how much we envy the sheep farmers or this or that. And she was a bit taken aback when I said there were probably those who envy us and our life. We've created  a nice one for ourselves and really this blog is just a running commentary about the things that pop up.

I never guessed so many people would be interested in what a Stay At Home Dad raising two small kids in the suburbs of Chicago had to say about the experience. Like the title at the top says, this is just one dad's view of modern parenting. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

Especially the 200 of you who are looking out your window into Russia. lol Wondering if I'm as alien to you as you probably would be to me.

What a crazy world we live in where my son's adventures in garbage trucks and Thomas the Tank Engine or my daughter's NICU story could get shared and seen by so many.