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We're plotting an overthrow...

Well, not so much an overthrow, but a vacation. Our first, actually. We've been places with the kids, but we've never really done something "out of town," just us, unless you count Milwaukee. And Milwaukee counts for very little in anything.

We're big anglophiles. Love it...Doctor Who, Downtown Abbey, saying things like "well done!," beheadings, etc.. We've both been before, but our philosophy is if you're going to leave the country and your kids behind, what better time than now? In a few years, our trips will consist of tacky historical villages and Disney World. Might as well hit the theater, a few pubs, and cram ourselves onto the Tube without strollers while we can.

So we're in the early stage of planning a 2013 trip to London. And by "early," I mean picking the time of year, who will watch the kids, we have to get passports renewed, shop airfare and hotels, plan our week.

Kelly's mom had the brilliant idea that both grandmas should come to our house and tag team the kids. Rather than pack them up together or split them up one-each. It would save some logistics...we could simply stock the pantry, the pediatrician is right across the street, leave a few take-out menus on the table, ask a neighbor to walk the dog in a pinch.

In any case, it gives us a year (18 months if we go with my idea of October after the marathon and Leda's birthday) to plan. Which is good because I'm a planner. Half the fun is plotting. (I imagine crimes fall into the same category.)

Thus, I'm currently knee-deep in guidebooks and keeping a running list of attractions and restaurants we want to visit. I have a friend currently moving to Britain from China so I can't wait to hear her advice as well. I'm sure Kelly will get tired of me dragging her to yet another dry historical site, but we do plan to see a show and I've promised her some of the best Indian food London can offer.

Oh, and we really want some authentically scrumpy cider.