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The toddler who doesn't say "no"

Make no mistake, we get full tantrums. Thankfully, they are generally at home when hungry or tired and not of the variety that leaves full shopping cart in the middle of the grocery aisle as we make an exit. Cole's favorite things to do in frustration are shriek and sit on the floor making circular kicking motions with his legs that grind bits of cracker or apple into the carpet. Though this is also a delightful game to play with toys that have pieces.

But you will rarely hear the word "no" cross my toddler's lips.

He's more of a head shaker and tends to be indifferent to things he doesn't enjoy. Enthusiastic for the things he is excited about.

We got to talking about this topic this weekend because of our annoyance at the way he ignores us. Especially when being asked a direct question...he just continues what he's doing like he doesn't hear you. Watches tv, plays with toys, doesn't look at you. Sort of a blessing in disguise, I suppose.

Though I'm not a fan of having to tap my toddler on the shoulder repeatedly, we've yet to enter a phase where he refuses anything. Run away playfully so you can't catch him? Perhaps. But he doesn't look you in the eye and say "no." Although that's kind of what I expected.

Ask if he wants an apple and his new MO is to run to the kitchen and pound on the fridge door to await confirmation. Once apple has been reliably chosen, he runs to the living room to await his prize. Not so much fig cookies anymore...we've left those behind for orange juice as "ask for" snack.

He's still not a big talker though getting better. My dad-analysis of the situation might be that he's cool and not interested in speaking about things he has no use for. And he's too excited to speak about the things he loves. Every once in awhile...usually in a moment of playtime exuberance he'll be calm enough to feel like telling us something. Infrequently decipherable. Sometimes crazy stuff slips out though.

Please. Thank you. Orange juice. Yes.

His "happy" looks more like a bashful, full heads-down run at his favorite things. At least for the moment, doing is better than talking about it.