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Natural Nutrition For Runners -- Nuun

There are only two places where points could be deducted from Nuun. It was one of two companies who told me they would send me samples for review but did not. The other is that when ordering from Nuun's website there were shipping charges. The same day I ordered from other companies, got free shipping, and Nuun's paid-for rate ended up being the last to arrive.

But don't get me wrong, the product inside the box--or plastic tube as it were--is amazing.

For those new to sports nutrition, it's not a powder or a typical sports drink even. It's a tablet which self-dissolves in 16 oz. of water into a refreshing electrolyte beverage--with more essential nutrients that the popular Gatorade Endurance, I might add. Not to mention that it lacks the sugars/carbs of many sports drinks which means you can A) get your calories elsewhere and B) not get an upset stomach from the syrupy, artificial flavors of typical hydration.

The Nuun flavors are mild, pleasant, quench thirst, taste good at air temp or cold. The tablets fully dissolve without much shaking (unlike similar products). They're easily divided into half by hand for an 8 oz. serving. Heck, some people even chew the tablet directly.

One word of warning, it does make your water bottle puff out and expand from the gas if you close it up too soon.

Each tablet has no sugar and under 6 calories. Which actually makes it a great alternative for anyone looking for a bottled-water alternative. It's available in most specialty running stores as well as online. A couple flavors do have caffeine. You can also buy single serve tablets. Kelly swears by Kona Cola on a hot day but so far I really enjoy the Lemon Tea, but I'm working my way through the packs. It's going to be great on long, hot summer training runs.

Nuun gets the thumbs up from me and I do believe I'll be using it for the coming racing season.

The link to their official site:
Nuun -- Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs