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A lost week

Long time, no see. Last week nothing happened. Well, not really anything that shook the earth. It was just a very good week. Except for Kelly being out of town for most of it. But then we got a visit from Grandma. And I suppose Afternoon Tea at one of Chicago's swankiest hotels was pretty unusual for us. That was once Kelly got home since she traveled on her birthday.

Grandma Kathy got to see the best and worst of the kids. Cole in full meltdown and also running wild in the good way with endless energy and enthusiasm. The sleeping through the night mixed--every other night--with the constant waking up at 2:30am that's going to require some action soon if he doesn't grow out of it. The weird food preferences that cannot be called picky...just opinionated.

Both kids took a 3 hour nap today in sharp contrast to last week. We couldn't get Leda to sleep for more than 30 minutes then. There's something about being back in routine. Cole playing quietly by himself in the living room this morning. Leda not demanding to be picked up every second.

Kids thrive on routine and I feel like someone took mine last week in some ways. It was a really good week but also very out of the ordinary. There's something to be said for boring old days with dad. No matter how exciting it can be to have a Grandma, I think there was also some missing Mama at play. Nobody is old enough to voice it and Cole certainly isn't the kind of kid who whines much in that way. Even me his "Dada" is usually more a fleeting plea for aid rather than constant need for comfort. He's not an apron strings kid. Your use as a snuggle device far outweighs any affection as "the parent." The way Cole shows affection is a wrestle on the floor.

Leda is currently asleep snuggled in her swing with her doll she chews on. Cole is watching Cat In The Hat. Calm prevails.