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Easily amused

As I write this, Leda is busily chewing on her hand. She's become less of a pacifier kinda girl and more of a "slobbery wet fingers" kind of girl. She is, in many ways, the other end of the spectrum from Cole. He carries around his Soothie brand like his life depends on it. She never took to his favorite and, when she uses one, is more a lover of traditional binky.

Leda has gotten beyond the lovely days where she'd wake up and wait patiently to eat. She'd lay quietly until somebody came to get her. No more. These days she makes herself quite clear with frequent cries...though for the most part they are short-lived.

Because, you see, it's all about the attention. While we're here for Cole's comfort, we're here (in Leda's world) to pay attention to her. Wanna make her happy? Pick her up.

Smile at her. She smiles back. Laughs hard. Giggles. Coos. It's all too cute.

She certainly has a cry and you'll know it when you hear it...that hasn't changed. Her goat noises have mutated into full whines and yells. Leave the room and you'll get one.

Really it's more like leave her sight and you'll get one. It's getting harder and harder to put her down. If only we could convince infants that crying is not the most effective way to get what she wants. All she has to do is sit there.

But while Cole has little patience for things he can't do himself, Leda has no patience for things that aren't her. Cole's version of this phase was much different because we constantly held him...sometimes to our detriment. I remember nights of having to creep towards the crib multiple times because every time he'd open his eyes you'd have to start over. Leda is in the same theme of wanting to be snuggled to sleep, but I find I can also use a cheesy lullaby and some daddy trickery to convince her she'd like to sleep anyway.

I wouldn't say she's more easily amused per se. It's more like she's generic in her demands. Cole to this day wants very specific things. That food. That blankie. That tv show. Leda's theory seems to be that "close enough" works for babies in addition to horseshoes and hand grenades.