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Valentine's Day Massacre

It was a rough day in our house...I wish I'd waited to give DLP her handmade Valentine and knitting book until after the horrible day. As it turned out, the day was downhill from there. Well, really I've been up since just after 3am this morning with a certain toddler. But we won't go there.

It was supposed to be an early leaving for work so that she could be home in time for me to take Leda across the street to her 4 month checkup. Then she'd work some more and be back home in time for me to make a 4pm business meeting with a new client.

Then the flat tire happened. Enter:  her co-worker (thanks!) in a skirt changing a tire. Until you get to those damn lug nuts--then a large, older good samaritan is needed. Then you wait for several hours at the tire place, but the supplier is running behind with your special tire delivery. And you stop caring that it won't match the rest of the new-ish tires on your still-under-warranty Subaru.

So I got a crying Cole along at the doctor. The good news is the staff and doctors where we go are awesome and Leda is doing great. Up to 12 pounds! Still small...5th percentile for height, 10th percentile for weight. Got 4 shots in the leg again plus the polio vaccine by mouth. Discussed a few things about feeding and birthmarks and her continuing issues from birth. Nothing exciting. She's healthy and amazing and quite a wonderful kid.

Oh, did I mention the hound is limping around and going to the vet tomorrow?

My business meeting went well. I will be doing some social media for a local company--at least on a test basis to see if all sides like how things go.

All in all, quite a memorable Valentine's Day...and isn't that what holidays are all about? We don't care if they're good per se. We care that we remember them from all the others.


  1. Even the most terrible holiday is still a good day with my amazing family.


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