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Road trip

Yesterday was mostly spent on a semi-road trip to grandpa's house. It's about a 2 hour drive to rural northwest Illinois and could not have gone better. Crisp, sunny day. As usual, the hardest part is getting out of the house--walking the dog, packing the diaper bag, getting clothes on and the car loaded. Once we settled in, however, the journey was smooth.

Cole got a bit fussy to get out of his carseat at the tail end, but then was just an amazingly well-behaved little kid at the restaurant. He smiled, he ate everything that wasn't nailed down, there were no tantrums or throwing crackers on the floor. Leda hung out until she got hungry, drank her bottle, then hung out some more.

Then--after a double diaper change in the back of the Subaru (yes, our cargo area also plays home to the stereotypical Subaru-owner rescued dog and there's an endurance sports bumper sticker), we headed to a local playground for some "let's get Cole exhausted so he sleeps on the way home" time. Which is exactly what happened.

The park is near a library and has a huge set of colorful slides, a frisbee golf course, and sits next to a farm field. Very weird place. Cole found a golf ball that he carried around the whole time. He didn't want to play on the equipment much...he mostly wanted to wander around on the paths.

Oh, and he wanted to go into the muddy farm field. Sometimes I think this is not my kid. You wouldn't have caught me when I was little wanting to wander into a muddy farm field. That was not the kind of kid I was. He climbs to the top of tallest slide and will go down without being scared. Of course, he is well-behaved and that he does get from me, but the no fear thing is just his little independent streak coming through. Which I totally admire about him.

* * *

Side note: I got in about a 6 mile run today instead of being on the bike in the trainer in the basement. So I've had the chance to try out some more of the nutrition products I'll be reviewing. I've already loaded 3 more into my list of future blog entries, so keep an eye out for those. So far, I'm quite pleased and have had only one let-down. But you'll have to check back to hear what it was!