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Dinner for breakfast

Breakfast is not just the most important meal of the day. It's also the best and most appropriate for the early hours of the day. Sure, lunch and dinner deserve respect. But, in my opinion, they are like holidays that should stay in their calendar month and not bleed over into neighboring territory. Sure, you can get a decent or even wonderful meal later in the day. Gourmet restaurants are usually famous for dinner. Though nothing is a surefire guarantee of greatness like breakfast. There are no bad breakfasts. Eggs, pancakes, waffles, a bowl of cereal and coffee, toast and English can't go wrong. There literally is not a bad breakfast, assuming you are not heading off into burrito and country gravy borderlands. Breakfast is, in short, my favorite.

My DLP--that's Domestic Life Partner for those of you playing at home--does not agree. We have curry the night before, she eats it at 6:00am. Cold. We eat pasta the night before? She eats it at 7:00am. Cold. Oh, she'll sometimes have a bagel with cream cheese. Or toast with peanut butter. And lately she's taken to my coffee hobby by making her own Moka on the stove with hot chocolate and marshmallows. There is nothing quite like garlic rice or a pulled pork sandwich--cold--before 9:00am to get her day started.

And even if it isn't breakfast, she still loves to eat leftovers cold. Right out of the fridge. Grab a spoon...she has a fondness for spoons over forks, too...and dig in.

And even worse, my son is developing her bad habits. I'm tempted (late) this morning to make some pancakes or scrambled eggs just to show him what the proper meal is this time of day. He's been running to the cabinet first thing when he gets up asking for Cheez-Its. Or a Fig Newton.

Granted, I have my own weird, possibly annoying food habits. I put ketchup on mac and cheese sometimes. I often don't eat the egg white if it is fried. I don't like chunky peanut butter and prefer Cool Whip to whipped cream.

What I can say for myself though is that at least I reserve chocolate or lunch for after 11:00am. Garlic does not go with coffee. Marinara is for afternoon.

My son will be the battleground for the future. But I fear Kelly's love affair with cold curry for breakfast may be a genetic trait no child-rearing can overcome.