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Favorite foods

Cole is an adventurous eater. He always has been and hopefully always will be. And it's been an amusing year of food since we've gone from oatmeal and bananas to now. So I thought I'd chronicle some of his favorite foods at 18 months. He still loves bananas, but has moved quite a ways from his watermelon-themed birthday party.

He eats Thai, Indian, Mexican, loves balsamic on tomatoes, anything spicy. Garlic on pasta, onions and peppers, red beans and rice. He knows the sound of the mixer and will come running to lick homemade whipped cream off the beaters. He loves apples and pears, but not the skins. We just had blueberries on Sunday--the first time since summer, and he gobbled them down with a look on his face like "where have these been?"

He likes his bunny graham crackers a little less these days than he used to. These days, what really gets him excited is a Chipotle burrito or roasted red pepper goat cheese dip for pita.

Oh sure, he will eat a peanut butter sandwich or some yogurt. And he still loves a smoothie...though now he gets his own in a small cup with a straw.

But if you want to win him over and buy his love with a better include some cranberries, garlic mashed potatoes, or some curry.

Love that kid.


  1. I really enjoyed this. It made me think about how I feed Evan, and how Cole eats way cooler food than him. But I don't feed Ev any special kid foods at home, but I wonder what he eats at his sitter, I fear its a bunch of casseroles.

  2. It's kinda funny because just as I posted this, Cole has been getting picky. Which the doctor said he would and not to be alarmed if he eats less/fewer things. It's a phase. Even the book we admire "Hungry Monkey" his daughter goes through a phase like this. But hopefully we're building the right foundation. I wouldn't mind casseroles per se. I actually have more of a problem if Cole gets into overly processed things. His love of Cheez-Its is starting to get to me.

  3. Sounds like he loves Mexican and spicy things as much as his aunt :)


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