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When I first decided to chronicle my experience as a SAHD, I never imagined I'd have close to 3,000 clicks. Let alone this quickly! Cole had just turned one and Leda was still two months away from being here. Little did I know what was in store. Then again, I never imagined much more than a couple of my friends reading stories about the kids. I know many of you share the link or come from social media sites. It's turned into a place to discuss my running, launch new endeavors, and document the strangeness that is trying to raise two small children in a crazy postmodern world full of uncertainty.

Yesterday, Cole carried a dirty dish into the kitchen by himself and--with my help--delicately placed it in the sink. Small act, big step. I kind of feel like that's life right now--little things that are very meaningful. I get the chance to connect with other dads in my situation, talk parenting, talk life. Keep up with old friends.

If you're a lurker, feel free to say hi. I know a lot of readers just want to hear the news about the family or be amused by what I have to say about whatever topic is annoying me today. But I love hearing about what other parents are doing. Or even other runners. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the start of my product reviews, don't forget.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Knowing that somebody is bothering to pay attention keeps me wanting to come back and write more.