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Never brag about your will come back to bite you

We had just gotten done telling everybody how easy and quiet Leda is. She never cries, never fusses, sleeps through the night.

And then she got her five (yes, 2 in each leg plus one oral) on Tuesday and we got a visit from a grandma the next day. So the schedule, the personalities, everything has been thrown off.

My normally active-but-well-scheduled toddler has turned into a smiling, laughing, crazed Grandma-impressing machine who only wants to run around the room giggling and doing tricks to win praise from his dad's mom. I told her: "I never remember you being this amusing when I was a kid." Rude but true...there is something about the grandparents.

So yesterday was a one-nap kinda day with Cole barely making it until 5:30pm before eye rubs and yawning and general grumpiness. And since Grandma hadn't left yet we had to endure a bit of help-I'm-missing-something crying in the dark bedroom until he was willing to be put into his crib.

Today was a little better with the regular 2 naps and getting Grandma back to her hotel before bedtime. But then there was Leda.

She cried. Which isn't usually unusual for a 2 month old but in her case it's weird to hear her complain. She usually drinks her bottle, does some tummy time, falls back to sleep for a few hours, calmly whines a bit for her next food which we're prompt about and you never hear a raised voice from her.

But she had a small fever from the shots and it was hurting her legs where they stuck her. So the girl who is normally asleep at 9pm and ready for the night was still awake at midnight. Both parents a bit confused. At one point she fell asleep on me (aka Baby Whisperer) and I calmly put her in her rocker only to see open eyes 2 minutes later with upset crying. I got the bright idea about her position being uncomfortable so we switched her to the co-sleeper in our bed and she passed out for nearly 6 hours.

So all's well that ends well. She's doing much better today and finally getting back into her old routine. Though somewhat limited by the crazed noise from Grandma's visit--see above about her toddler, manic brother.

* * *

On a different note, I just want to wish all my readers a Happy Holidays. Whatever your celebrations, may you be safe, healthy, and prosper in the New Year. We'll be back once things die down a little bit with some exciting announcements about 2012.