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Green with envy

You hate me.

And I think Kelly is starting to hate me too.

We used to always joke that Cole was the easiest baby in the world. I think it mostly came from being prepared for the worst. Which is horrible to say, but you never know what you're gonna get. And which is also not to say he's an angel all the time. He throws fits of rage on the floor and runs around the library screaming like any other 18 month old.

But compared to how it could be he's a saint. Other than hunger or exhaustion he's a good-natured, sweet, funny, rugged, adventuring little boy. He takes his naps, sleeps through the night, eats anything and everything, etc..

Leda, however, is putting him to shame. I don't know whether it's experience as parents. Or her personality. But for all her initial problems, she's become the easy one. We can remember having to literally hold Cole until he fell asleep or he'd fuss and cry. Then it was a struggle to put him in the crib quietly.

Leda fairly regularly sleeps through most of the night though. She drinks her bottle, you swaddle her up, put her back down by herself and she soothes herself to sleep. Sometimes it seems like she actually gets annoyed that you're holding her! And she never cries. Yesterday when they stuck her for her vaccine and she wailed it was a strange sound. Usually she works her way up from grunts and goat noises to whines and whimpers. Full crying is rare. She tends to not be a complainer. Yet all this comes with the caveat that you must have her pacifier ready, hold her at the right angle for feeding, and know her signals.

Lately, Kelly is getting frustrated that Leda is less kind to her. Lots of spit up and not settling down for her. And Cole's never taken to snuggling with mama for naps or bedtime. It's given Kelly a complex of sorts where she feels like her kids don't like her. Or worse, I think she doesn't like me sometimes because I seem to have some magic Baby Whisper, Inc. touch.

But then Kelly goes and makes something like this. On her own without a pattern. That's mom stuff a dad would never think of. Not even this somewhat enlightened dad.

It makes me sad to think she feels left out. That neglects all the work she gives and love that comes her way. Cole and the dog regularly have a race to see who can get to her first when she walks in the door after work. And I forgot Leda's hat when we left for the hospital yesterday. Yes, I know I'm not always the biggest fan of "the hat." But she's little and it is cold. Mom remembers that sort of thing. And always has a sweet word for a middle of the night wakeup whereas I usually just grumble. Daddy loves you, but I'd love you more if you were asleep.

So before you hate us for having perfect kids or me for being eerily good with the under-3 set, just remember that these beasts grow up. It may be a different story when they're 7...they may be tyrants and mom might just be the one who can soothe the savage.

After all, recent web debates about toddlers versus teenagers seemed to come down firmly on the side of teens being tougher to raise. Personally, I don't see what's so terrible about the two's anyway. I have 30 years of experience on this planet and am bigger. If you can't figure out how to get your way with a toddler you may be in for some really, really rough days ahead.