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Danger is my son's middle name...

Here's a partial, non-exhaustive list of some of my son's favorite things to play in, on, around, or with:

--hot oven
--vacuum cleaner
--coffee grinder
--70 pound dog
--dog bed
--dog water and food dishes
--hot radiators
--electrical outlets
--the door of the DVD player
--blinds and open windows
--the battery compartments for remote controls

That's why we've never babyproofed. He can't be left alone in a room for more than a moment before you need to see what he's up to...especially if he's quiet.

So yesterday we let him play with the paper cutter. No really.

Supervised, of course. Mom was doing a craft involving cutting cardboard and he wanted to move the slider back and forth. No, he wanted to stand on the cutting board and lift the blade cover even.

Do I cut his food pieces a little too big? Sometimes. He may choke.

Should he run around with a fork in his mouth? Probably not.

But in the larger picture, every day is a constant battle with the forces of danger and Cole's love affair with them. Welcome to having a toddler.

Keeping them safe is somewhere along the lines of working for the Secret Service or trying to foil a terrorist plot.

Maybe parents of toddlers should get those "____ days without an accident" signs?


  1. We baby proofed the outlets and we have one staircase blocked (fall incident) but everything else is fair game in the house. No toilet lock, so far he has only put toilet paper in there and flushed it. But I fully support your non efforts to kid proof the house.

  2. We did the outlets. But I got into this topic with one of my dad-blogger friends. Or doggers as Kelly and I call them. Or maybe blads? Anyway, he was all big into parental controls for phones and I said why not just teach the kid it can only be used if done responsibly. I guess I'm just a believer that my job isn't to protect my kids but is to teach them about how to navigate danger & problems.


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