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Coffee talk

From some of the best beans you can Target. I took a gamble in the coffee aisle this weekend with some of their Archer Farms brand beans. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Especially by the fact that they at least had the label out for some Cup of Excellence winners--none in stock, but still that is impressive that a discount huge chain has made an effort to stock quality coffee.

Usually the grocery aisle depresses me. It's all pre-ground which essentially ruins coffee from the get-go. It's mostly blends, gimmicky cheap stuff.

So you can imagine that I was setting the bar low for some Organic Fair Trade Guatemalan light roast. On paper it would have promise, but the proof is in the cup.

The notes on the bag say, "bright and spicy aroma, mild body with floral and chocolate notes." Rarely does a coffee exactly live up to this profile. Especially good coffee usually has a bit more complexity. Bad coffee will taste flat.

But I have to say that what they said on the bag is exactly what you get--no more, no less. Though at first I thought I'd brewed incorrectly because when they say "mild body" they mean virtually no body. For those non-techy types out there that means the substance and mouthfeel that makes the coffee feel thicker or taste heavier. This coffee does not have that.

What it does have, however, is the bright. That's the equal to dryness if you like wine. And this is a very top-heavy bean. Acidic, almost bitter, but with decent flavor. It's not for those who want calm and smooth. Which is my style. I'd classify as a wake-up brew for those who need a jolt of taste to get them going.

I'm more impressed by a reasonably priced mediocre single-origin coffee at a bargain store. You certainly can't find anything nearly that good at our local grocery--you'd have to go to Whole Foods or a coffee shop to match.