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A rough day for everybody

It's been a tough month. Today marks one month since I ran the Twin Cities Marathon.

One week later I was volunteering in Chicago.

Later that day, we were quietly enjoying pizza when this whole Leda adventure started.

Yesterday was a tough day for all of us, I think.

Cole had a checkup at the pediatrician where he's doing great. 75th percentile for height, 50th percentile for weight, but he began crying the moment we walked from the waiting room to the exam room. Nurses, doctor, didn't matter. All conversations had to be above his wailing. Which I suppose should remind us what a usually awesome, well-behaved, amazing little boy we have. The doctor was genuinely surprised at Cole's eating. He said he has 15 month olds who eat one meal a day and any food we get into them at this point is amazing. Apparently not Cole's issue. He just has iatrophobia. Oh, and there were shots. Two in each arm. By then, he was so far gone anyway though. Kelly's theory was that it was because mom was there. I mean, he's never liked shots and usually does behave just fine for Dad. And was pretty ok with Grandma present last time at 12 months. But I think we have some development about strangers and learning what places mean and who does what. We tried to let him walk it off, literally, by having a fun time getting home. But he ran on the sidewalk, fell, and now has a bump and a little "road rash" on his forehead. Ah, kids.

He came straight home and took a 3 hour nap. So while Kelly was at the hospital I tried to make his afternoon a little better. We ate his favorite--pasta--then went to the playground. Which was packed from the nice day and he had a somewhat unfortunate infatuation with the bigger kids. At one point, he was trying to hit an older boy to make him stop playing on the steering wheel. Um, we don't hit. We share. And most importantly, we don't pick on people bigger than us, son! We came home and Cole was rubbing eyes by 6pm so it was tough to keep him awake for Kelly getting back. Lots of discharge information, the car seat test to finish up, etc..

Because we thought Leda was coming home finally on Thursday. We even have her Rx to take to the pharmacy today. But late last night during my visit, the nurse practitioner came over and said she had a bradycardia while at rest after the data had been gathered for rounds yesterday. I wasn't too upset at first thinking that pushed us to Friday. But then they said they start the 5 day clock over and we'd be looking at Sunday now assuming she does ok. And if we get too far into next week, her car seat test is only good until Tuesday now.

So frustrating.