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Potty time?

We have a sneaking suspicion that it is time to start potty training. Our 16 month old son heads down the hallway into an empty room to do his business in his diaper, currently. At the very least, we know what's happening from the position, the look on his face, and the way he will stop what he's doing and want to be by himself for a few moments.

Couple this with the fact that he will nod his head and walk to his bedroom if you ask if he needs clean pants.

A potty may be in our future...perhaps as a Christmas present to go with the bath toys we got him today from the cool independent toy store in our village? Yay for small business Saturday. But what kind of potty? Musical? On the floor? In the grown-up toilet? Where should we put it given the lack of floor space in our tiny condo bathroom? It seems silly to teach him to use the toilet in his bedroom only to ask him months later to make the leap to the real bathroom.

And oh the theories! Do we have a bootcamp with candy and day spent never leaving the spot until he has gone and been properly rewarded? There's Elimination Control. There's gold stars. There's a newborn sister to consider. I know one dad with a son who simply copied peeing standing up from watching his dad go with the door open.

So let's hear it. What worked for you? Should we wait until he's talking more? We're strictly focused on #2 at the moment--should we wait and train him that everything goes in the potty?

* * *

In other news and on a side note, Kelly who I am unmarried to has joined the blogosphere. You should go check her out...but watch out, she knits.


  1. Evan has the Fisher-price froggie potty. He was doing very good at for about a month until he got a cold and created a major setback. Now he no longer goes on schedule and doesn't have a poop behavior.
    We really like the shape of the frog because his legs go into a squat. The ones that look like toilets aren't as good because they are not ergonomical. I would suggest the frog or the baby bjorn ones. I wouldn't recommend the fancy ones. Praise is just as effective and easier than treats or stickers.
    Most people say to use a potty and then advance to a seat cover on the big toilet.


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