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At some point, while I was out walking the dog just now, I thought to myself, "gee, I better say something when I reach 2000 pageviews...what could I say?"

Well, I better think of something quick. Sometime over the Thanksgiving holiday it happened.

Thank you. For stopping by and taking the time to read. For sharing this blog with others. One of the things I realized in my moment of pondering 2000 visitors was that I have a pretty diverse readership. It's tough to know what to say or how to appeal to such a broad section of people.

Other dads. Moms. Conservatives. The Canadian fishing industry. People who like sports. People who know me and people who do not. I really have no choice but to be myself and let the chips fall. The big question in my mind, however, is what I'm trying to do here. Do I have anything to really say? I do. I have observations--especially about parenting (which is what this is supposed to be about). They're more than just people who will grow into adults. They're not just small versions of adults. They're full-fledged humans. With thoughts and feelings and needs and expectations.

Part of the reason I think I'm so willing to be public about my journey in fatherhood--I can't really complain if I have an audience, can I?--is that I know I'm a darn good one. Oh, I come from my own background with my own assumptions about the world. But I'm giving my kids time, energy, and raising them to be responsible members of civilization.

Because if I have one message about being a parent it's that I'm actually both harder and easier on parents now that I am one. Our society simultaneously glorifies and makes it difficult to raise a family. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, but there are also a lot of ways that we need to support each other out there as child-rearing folk.

On a side note, what do you Unmarrieds celebrate out there? My Domestic Life Partner and I aren't sure, but we think this is around the anniversary of our meeting tomorrow. Do you celebrate the start of dating? Meeting each other? Deciding you're in a formal relationship? These would all be different dates and years for us!

Well, happy Whatever-We-Are, DLP! And thank you, Reader, for bothering to stop your browsing of the internets for awhile to see what one dude thinks about staying home all by himself in the middle of a big city with 2 kids under 3.