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The new normal

It's 7am and I'm waiting for my son to get up. This is late for him. 6am would be more normal but I think he had a rough night. I say "I think" because he wasn't a complainer too much about it. I heard a few squawks but mostly he rolled over and tried to go back to sleep like a big boy.

Kelly is already gone and has been since 5:30am. Our new schedule will give you an idea of the chaos lately.

4:30am--Kelly wakes up to pump
5:30am --Kelly leaves for the hospital
6am--Leda feeding, Cole wakes up at home
7am--Breakfast with dad
8am--Kelly arrives back home

We're not allowed in the NICU between 9am-12pm for rounds. So all daily activity must happen between Kelly arriving home and me leaving at 2:15pm.

9am--Dog walk hopefully while Cole naps
10am--Everybody gets dressed and showered
11am--Errands, phone calls to insurance, etc..
12pm--Lunch, our new "dinner" since this is the only meal we all eat together
1pm--Cole nap
2:15pm--Dad leaves for hospital
3pm--Leda feeding
4:30pm--Dog walk before Kelly leaves again
5:15pm--Kelly leaves for hospital
6pm--Leda feeding, Cole/Dad dinner
7pm--Cole gets ready for bed
8pm--Kelly arrives home
9pm--Dog walk before bed