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Coffee table

I'm still playing around with ideas and this feature in particular may go through several incarnations. For now, it's just a frequent, tagged blog post you can (hopefully) easily find from the homepage. I'd love to make it a separate tab (along with marathon running) since it really isn't dad-related. But Blogger apparently doesn't want me blog-within-a-blogging. So then my other choice would be to just start a linked coffee blog. But that seems like a lot more difficult solution to an easy problem.

I have a new grinder that I got before the marathon which sat in its box until I got back. But I've used it 3 days now and am quite happy with it. It's a very cheap burr mill for $15 from Target. Not anything the espresso crowd would use, but I'm a pretty solid drip-brew guy. It delivers a very consistent grind, all things considered. While we were in MN, I had the use of a Kitchen Aid blade grinder. Well-built, expensive, very nice. And it delivered a very consistent grind. Much better than my old, cheap blade grinder. So I consider this burr mill a step up. It does generate a lot of "dust" or fine powder and debris but the taste on some old, stale beans has been good. So I have high hopes when I get fresh, better beans in there.

This week's beans are organic fair trade Nicaragua Fegovia--supposedly "sweet, delicate fruit" though I'll update you on that.

Yesterday while having mango for breakfast with Cole I noticed it went very well with last week's beans. I do tend to like beans which are roasted to highlight those notes.

The current bag has a roasted date of 9/26 so not as fresh a taste as I'd like, but that's what I get for going out of town. I had old beans that would go bad before these.

A little update after my first cup...

Not a bad bean. Not my favorite especially when hot out of the coffeemaker. It goes to medium, drinkable temperature as a nice, balanced cup. It goes from being slightly acidic and bitter when hot to a heavier, milder flavor as it cools. Still not as fruity or sweet as the scent of the whole beans though. As it cools, it gets chocolate tones when room temp and is more of a mocha type flavor.