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Sleep logistics

Almost there on the sleeping arrangements for the new baby. We've been throwing around ideas from bassinets to co-sleepers to little gadgets. She'll be sharing our room for the start of her life and Cole will still be in his crib. So that factors into our philosphy.

Given that bassinets tend to be more expensive and have the same weight limits (while being larger), I think we've decided to split our investment into two. We're big fans of the FP Newborn Rock & Play Sleeper and then are going to pair it with a little basket device that will let us keep her in our bed without rolling over on her or her rolling out. Great for naps! I was a big fan of having Cole with me so we both could get some sleep.

Speaking of Cole, he was awake last night at 4am. I gave him a bottle, but instead of going back to sleep he just laid in there. So I got up and did the "sit in the chair while he stares at me." He used to to that a lot more before he slept through the night. Sometimes he goes right back to sleep. Other times he is ready to play. But often, he just lays there with me like he's got some sort of frustrated baby insomnia.

I finally gave up on him and figured he stood a better chance of falling back to sleep if I stuck him in his crib. Luckily we all ended up back asleep. Well, all of us except for poor pregnant Kelly who had leg cramps. At one point it was 4:30 and we all were awake though...even the dog. I half considered just getting up and grinding some coffee.

And what was with the neighbors having a loud conversation elsewhere in the building? Who is up at 4am and having spirited chats at that hour?