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Rough day

I don't think there has been a day as rough as yesterday since Cole was tiny and I was struggling with my wisdom tooth. I was so sick from an infection (before it was removed as opposed to after for my other bottom one) that I called Kelly to come home early.

Really it's not true that yesterday was only partly seems that way because a few bad things spoil the whole day. And most days with Cole are like sunshine and puppies. He's easy, we get along, and I find myself well in control of every situation. Saying yesterday was rough neglects that I got laundry done, cleaned the bathroom, packed my race bag for the marathon, did the dishes, and he got both his naps in along with eating a ton.

It was the other stuff though. He had a run-in with the greyhound that left him with a scratch on his cheek. It was raining and then chilly all day so we didn't make it to the playground. He fell face-first into the dog's food/water stand after lunch. And the diaper pail lost a piece on it that we suspect will decrease it's odor fighting capabilities over the coming weeks.

The condo is off the market until we get settled in with the new baby now. So when Kelly arrived home from work the first thing we did is rearrange the dining room to make it more dog-friendly. We're hoping we can train her that it is her new hound-only area safe from babies.

Then we checked online to see if Babies R Us down the street had an extra-wide cloth baby gate to separate the rooms. That was an ordeal. According to the in-store system they had 8 of the one we liked in-stock. But we couldn't find them anywhere. Turned out 1 (who knows about the other 7) was on the bottom shelf across from the rest of the safety gates and buried under a bunch of other stuff. I was lucky I saw it...and the associate helping us joked that if I wanted a job there was more lost stock to find. My snarky comment to Kelly afterwards was it looked to me like they need a manager, not a clerk.

Anyway, the safety thing is a long time coming. We've gotten pretty far on minimal baby-proofing. Mostly one gate, a few outlet plugs, and strategy about what items are at toddler level. But someone will be here to watch Cole soon while we have his sister and it's not fair to put them on constant dog-watch and kitchen alert. Our solution is to just make entire rooms off-limits. Next on the agenda...a toilet lock for a tankless.


In other news, after the safety gate search we stopped next door to return a birthday gift that was too large. I exchanged it for a couple pairs of pajama pants. I walk the dog in them, wear them to lounge around the house. But I only have one good pair with pockets to put my keys in. And those are usually covered in banana from certain sticky fingers and they have recently gotten holes, too. With a toddler, you can never have too many pairs of pants as backup. 


  1. Your rough day, seems like an ordinary day with Evan.


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