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Paying later?

It was a pretty intense day yesterday and I have a feeling we're paying for it today. My playground plans are being thwarted by a crankypants who didn't get much food or exercise yesterday. Oh, and also by the dreary weather where the temperature has dropped and clouds have rolled in causing us to shut all the windows from the chill.

Yesterday's big adventure was maybe a little too big. I think I was one stop over the limit because by the time we were on the Blue Line coming home (a longer, less pleasant walk to our house from the station than the Green Line), it was clear our time was limited. This kid needed a nap and needed a nap bad.

It didn't help that I left the stroller at home and braved a day of just the baby carrier. It saves hassle in some ways with the folding, up and down stairs, and navigating. But I had packages and that's a long time for a kid to  go without much entertainment or the comfort of his own full seat.

Our first stop was Dad's coffee then across the street to Macy's hoping to get some new diaper rash cream from the counter there. Until we were informed by associate that the lotions/soaps had moved to the Palmer House down the street. So we went up to the 5th floor (where Santa will be in a few weeks) and bought a couple outfits for little sis.

After a walk of a few blocks to buy the diaper cream and a chat with a friend we bumped into, I probably should have called it a day while things were still going well. We were overdressed and the sun was beating down. It was an extra trip on a crowded train. But I really wanted to try the whole animal butcher for the first time.

Unfortunately, the shop is several blocks walk from the nearest L station.

Oh, and little dude hit his head and got a bruise on the stairs on the way in. It was a rough day.

Actually, he's napping now and will hopefully wake up in a better mood. But it's my last long run before the marathon so that pretty much kills the rest of our day. Tomorrow is a visit to Grandpa's.