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Jose the Pants Man

Kelly e-mailed me from work today saying she thinks we should back to cloth diapers soon. I tend to agree. The only reason we stopped was the smell. No air conditioning in the summer plus weekly pickup means "we're only tree hugging hippies when it comes to non-hygiene-related issues."

The whole thing was down to a science, really. Early newborn blowouts aside, you had extra cloth to wipe with if needed. We figured out to use snap covers and not velcro so Cole couldn't get them undone. And we bought a lidded trashcan for the big yellow bag the service gave us. Every Tuesday, we'd just roll it into the entry hall and hope our neighbors would forgive the scent for a few hours. And Jose (the pants man) would use his security door key to come leave us a fresh bag.

I've seen the Dirty Jobs where he goes to the warehouse where they open the bags of dirty diapers and count them for your weekly balance. It's not pretty. Not that Jose does that task in addition to driving, but we feel a man should be tipped well for hauling our son's poopy pants. And I did the math. The service works out to about 4 cents more per diaper than buying cheap bulk disposables. That's without the washing. That's saving landfills, that's no chemicals against my son's skin.

We're excited to put the new baby in them too!

Even more, we've heard they help potty train since they're more uncomfortable than wet/dirty disposables. We hope this is true.

It's one of the few things in life where I think if they charged more I'd gladly pay it. If you're in the Chicago or Southeastern WI area, check them out!

Bottoms Up Diaper Service

In other news...

Took Cole to the playground again today. It's the neighborhood Tot Lot with climbing equipment, baby swings, a bouncy thing, slides, tunnels, etc.. 

One 16 month old boy was an adventurous, physical, motor-skills kinda dude like Cole...who also doesn't have any words yet. Also, one lady commented about how tall my kid is compared to her 2 year old. Thanks for making me feel nice about my offspring! 

Kids his own age are always a plus since the bigger kids need some caution when delicate climbing toddlers are around. The other "moms" and nannies are all very nice usually. But I'm getting tired of striking up conversation with people and it's not their kids or they're talking about their milk letdown. I think I'm going to have to start dropping in with Cole on some playgroups for dads. lol