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Big playground adventure

Still snoozing at 2 hours this afternoon. Dad took a nap, too. It was a big morning. We had a light lunch and bath before falling asleep, but it was the playground--as usual--that took its toll.

In no particular order...

--put sidewalk chalk in its box, in his mouth, let it drop on the ground to hear the fun "ping" noise, got it all over (note to mom and dad, we need to buy some sidewalk chalk)

--went down the slide by himself

--kicked an older boy who kicked him first

--tried to walk up the infamous hill of grass...Cole will not set foot on grass unless necessary, esp. when the ground is wet.

--fell down the infamous hill and kept rolling because of gravity

--found a mom who has a due date the day after our new little sister

--played ball on the swing

--played ball in the tunnel with a friend

--learned to share and take turns on a pair of steering wheels on the equipment

--bounced on the bouncy thing