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Banana peels

Our system is a nightly tradeoff depending on who is working. If you're working, you walk the dog bedtime/morning but sleep. If you're the daytime parent, you get up with Cole if he's awake. Though this system is currently subject to review, I think. Despite dropping a day at work, Kelly has continued to take Thursday nights as if I worked on Friday. And his sleeping through the night is now going to be countered by a newborn waking several times.

My first reaction is that just out of biology his mom was probably the greater caregiver during those early days. Plus I was working more. It will be interesting to see how the logistics work out with a toddler in the crib across the hall and a brand new baby in our room. We're trying to have it so that she can either be in bed with us or in her bassinet, but once she is old enough to roll over all bets are off and we'll have some serious practical matters to sort out with the two kids.

Last night Cole went to bed fairly early--all things considered--but he was showing a few signs of being tired and quite cranky. I'm not going to pinch him and keep him up in an effort to keep him sleeping until 6am. I knew he'd be up for a bottle sometime between 11pm and 2am.

Plus we have a pregnant lady in the house so chances are she'll be up at least once to use the bathroom and squeak the floorboards. Sure enough, he was up at 2:30 but went right back to sleep.

In other news, his morning fruit for breakfast was bananas. Which he has loved since he was old enough to was one of his first foods. It used to be I'd split one banana with him and break off little bites to stick directly in his mouth.

But we've graduated from him holding the bits to him now eating an entire banana. In fact, most foods if I want a few bites I'd better have my own. We're not ready for kids meals, but getting close. He needs his own small portions of things. And this morning he just bit off banana on his own while holding it. The only thing he needs some mild help with is peeling the skin back.

At one point I heard crunching as he got peel and stem and I laughed when showing him that bananas should not be a crunchy food.