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Where is his hat?!

I have to first apologize on this one--I didn't experience it firsthand. It was told to me by my spouse when I got home this evening. She seemed to be having the same "how dare she!" reaction that usually goes through my head though so I'll share.

One of my biggest pet peeves as a parent that will annoy me faster than poopy diapers, a kid who plays in the dog dish, or pees on the bathroom floor before you get a diaper on him, is people who make comments.

I've said it before, I don't mind the we're-all-in-it-together, ain't-this-crazy ones. It's the "where is his hat" that kills me everytime. Every. Who are you?! Why are you wondering where my child's hat is? Oh, I'm sorry, would you like to raise him?

We have a new woman in the building. Lovely. Met her. She likes my kid and likes my dog. She's in. Her mother, apparently, was a bit more uppity today.

We have such a large dog? And Cole was in bare feet? You just let them play in the same area?

Oh how to explain that Cole would be getting prunes later...which he gets all over his face and hands...which means he would be getting a bath. And he's one. And a little boy. And you try telling a one year old boy to keep his shoes on.

Or--this one would blow her mind--the dog was here first. Yep, that's right, if anybody is getting a new home technically our dog has dibs. She's old, she's cranky, she ran 150 races living in a stacked wire crate getting out to pee twice a day while eating rationed meat so she could stay light and fast. She deserves a life of leisure and comfort now. Cole's young, he'd adapt. Though I'm thinking the greyhound would be a lot more likely to find a new home.

It seems to me people have an awful lot of opinions about how children should be raised, but how many people are out there raising them? Notice I didn't say "having them" either.

I think my new snarky response to the "where's his hat" crowd is that we were going to let the dog raise him, but even dogs need not suffer the abuses of a toddler.


  1. First of all, LOL!! When did you and Kelly start calling each other spouses?? Cool :) Thanks for the thoughts, really does make you think! People really need to learn to mind their own business!!

  2. Well, not legally. But when my HR guy yesterday was filling out the FML (not FMLA, Kelly insists it has no L if you're just taking the leave LOL) forms he couldn't quite figure out what to call her. I said we don't know either and whatever works. So he slashed her. As in, spouse/partner. Maybe someday we'll condescendingly tie the knot after we get done hearing everybody complain. :-)

  3. Evan hates to be held at stores so sometimes I let him crawl on the ground and then he crawls away really fast. I gets so many stares and dirty looks. It wouln't be a problem if he could walk consistently. But crawling on the floor makes me a bad mom.

  4. Library trips usually end up like this for us. I am trying to find him books while he crawls away as fast as I can and I have to try to put down a diaper bag, stack of books, find the Soothie he left behind, etc..


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