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Food for thought...

Tried to do a quick link to this from my phone today and couldn't quite make it work. It touches on a lot of nice Stay At Home Dad themes and summarizes nicely the way that society has made room for women in the workplace but we haven't quite gotten comfortable with dads at home yet. Working hard to change that though!

Some of these results beg questions about the majority of men not being interested in taking care of the kids, the simple fact of having to swim upstream if you do, and perhaps parenting being something to "tide guys over" until they can get on with their more career oriented lives.

Personally, I find being at home with Cole to be quite satisfying in a way that a job never could. It's a little like the difference between watching your favorite sports team and actually playing. I love my Cubbies, but these days I'd rather pay $100 to finish 1,622 in my own race than watch millionaires while drinking $7 beer. But call me crazy.

Here's the link:  Unemployed Men Are More Likely to Divorce