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Field Museum family day

Next week is my birthday. But we kinda celebrated it today. First thing this morning we hopped on the L and headed downtown for a trip to the Field Museum. Mostly so Cole could see the dinosaurs, but it was just a chance for us all to go somewhere and spend some time together.

He loved the train ride almost the best of the whole day. The entire ride he was right by the window smiling and clapping. We got off at the Roosevelt Rd. stop and decided to walk instead of ride the bus since it was such a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too cold, sunny.

The first place we headed was the upper level to see Evolving Planet (which the dino hall is a part of). It's a newish exhibit tracing the entire history of the earth from 4 billion years ago and single celled life all the way to modern humans. Cole randomly said the word "insect" along the way. You can't say milk or dog, but you can say insect? Crazy kid.

Saw the man-eating lions, an exhibit of ants, some gems, and Cole's favorite probably ended up being the cases of stuffed monkey specimens. Though he did seem to at least recognize the styracosaurus, pteranodons, sauropods, etc.. He shook hands with a T-rex forelimb model and really enjoyed the stuff to touch...tiger and elephant teeth, an armadillo, etc..

We even met some very helpful museum staff who answered an odd question we had about the way dates are listed on several items in the Buddhist/Taoist case. Why a mix of "17th century/800 CE/800 AD?" The answer had to do with the expense of glass installation. They literally don't open the cases unless they have to and they use whatever dating system is current. I guess old glass must be replaced by safety glass then contractors called in whenever safety glass needs to be opened.

My request was lunch at Corner Bakery and we got Cole a fruit cup which he ate nearly all of. Then, when we tried to give him some chocolate chip cookie, he spit it out and made a face. Crazy kid. And the whole train ride back he would cry every time the doors opened and closed. Crazy kid. By the time we got home it was naptime.